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Military Cross obtained by members of the Artists Rifles Corps since August 4th, 1914. C

Artists Riles Roll of Honour

The Military Cross was instituted as a Decoration on December 28th, 1914, to reward Distinguished Services rendered by Officers of certain ranks in the army in time of war. Bars may be added for additional acts of gallantry. Since August 1st, 1918, it has, like the D.S.O., been awarded for "services in action" only. The Decoration consists of a Cross of Silver, having on each arm the Imperial Crown and bearing in the centre the Royal and Imperial Cypher. The ribbon is white with a purple stripe. Bars are indicated (in undress uniform) by small silver rosettes on the ribbon.

CAHILL, Capt. John Archibald ... ... ... ... 2 /Royal Berkshire
MOISLAINS RIDGE, 4th March, 1917. He took command of his company and successfully repelled a strong enemy counter-attack He set a magnificent example to his men.

CAMPBELL, 2/Lt. Andrew ... ... ... ... ... ... R.F.A.
BUCQUOY RUSIEUX, 25th March, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. This officer showed initiative and resource when in charge of an ammunition dump. Having no 18-pounder ammunition, he went and found another dump, which had been deserted, under fire. He commandeered a train, loaded it up, and by this means kept the batteries of the division supplied.

CAMPBELL, Lieut. Guy ... ... ... ... Motor Machine Gun Corps
Awarded 1st January, 1916.

CAMPBELL, 2/Lt. Stanley Victor ... ... ... ... ... 4/Border
TEMPLEUX to DEMUIN, 21st to 31st March, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty throughout ten days of severe fighting, and until finally wounded. He invariably dis- played the utmost courage and a total disregard of personal danger. On one day he twice led a counter-attack, causing heavy casualties to the enemy and holding up their advance for a considerable time. Later, he fought a magnificent rearguard action, his fine example inspiring all with him to do their utmost.

CANNON, Major Herbert Cooper ... ... ... 6/Royal West Surrey
Awarded 14th January, 1916.

CAPPER, 2/Lt. Ernest Raphael ... ... ... ... ... 3/Essex
S.E. of MONCHY-LE-PREUX, 3rd August, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. After the enemy had secured a footing in a portion of our trench he organised a bombing attack with his platoon and cleared them out, and when his original bombers had sustained casualties and were too tired to throw bombs accurately he collected a fresh squad of men from another unit and attacked again. His excellent leading, clear orders, and great coolness under fire very largely contributed to the success of the attack.

CARD, 2/Lt. Arthur Henry ... ... ... ... ... 12/Middlesex
TRONES WOOD, 14th July, 1916. He led the left half of the line which cleared a wood of the enemy, capturing a strong point and a machine gun.' He retained control over his men under most difficult circumstances. He has also carried out most useful reconnaissances.

CARNELLEY, Lieut. Herbert ... ... ... ... ... R.E.
ESCAUT CANAL, 1/2 October, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He was in charge of a party of sappers employed on reconstructing a partially destroyed footbridge across the canal. In spite of rifle fire from the opposite bank, he carried on the work with great determination until he was severely wounded.

CARR, Capt. Leslie George ... ... ... ... ... 4(1)London
1. FREMICOURT AREA, 24th March, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He remained behind with his Lewis gun till his company had taken up a new position, covering the withdrawal and inflicting heavy losses on the enemy at close range. On each occasion, when he rejoined his company, he immediately reorganised and gave battle. During the whole operations he showed great ability and coolness under very difficult conditions.

2. GREY FARM, l0th April, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during a hostile attack, when, with two companies, he held on to a position and covered the retirement of the battalion until it was complete. With great skill he then withdrew his men through a gap in the enemy's lines, and succeeded in rejoining the battalion without the loss of a man.

CARR, Capt. Mathew ... ... ... ... 2/Royal Scots Fusiliers
1. Awarded 1st January, 1917.

2. Awarded 1st January, 1919.

CARTER, Lieut. Henry William ... ... ... 5/Royal West Surrey
Awarded 3rd June, 1919.

CASSELS, 2/Lt. James Stuart ... ... ... ... 9/Royal Sussex
BEAUMONT HAMEL, 3rd September, 1916. He was for many hours under very heavy shell fire, and when the second and third waves failed to reach their objectives, he greatly assisted his company commander in reorganising the men for another attack. He displayed great coolness and utter contempt for danger.

CATTELL, Capt. Alfred George ... ... ... ... 24/London
LE FORREST and ST. PIERRE VAAST WOOD, 30th August and 2nd September, 1918. For marked gallantry and good work. On both occasions he led his company in the attack and gained the objectives, taking prisoners, capturing one 77 mm. gun and a number of machine guns. Although his right flank was exposed and dangerously threatened, he held on to and personally superintended the consolidation of the positions gained.

CAWLEY, Lieut. James Donald ... ... 80th Battery, 15th Brigade, R.F.A.
FOREST OF MORMAL, 4th November, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty, while the battery was firing a barrage in support of the attack under heavy fire. One gun received a direct hit, three gunners being wounded. He at once went and attended to the wounded, carrying them one by one to a safe place. He then returned to the battery, and by his coolness and determination kept the men's morale at a high level under trying conditions.

CHANDLER, Capt. Alfred Leonard ... ... ... ... R.A.S.C.
Awarded 1st January, 1918.

CHANDLER, Capt. Cecil William ... ... 8/Royal Munster Fusiliers
GUILLEMONT, 3rd September, 1916. Although wounded, he led his men and beat off repeated enemy attacks, displaying great courage and initiative throughout.

CHAPMAN, 2/Lt. Basil Edmund ... ... ... ... ... 5(8)Norfolk
YPRES, 13/14 August, 1917. When an enemy gas shell penetrated thereof of a shelter in which seven officers were sleeping, he, although seriously affected by the gas, climbed through a hole in the roof and eventually managed to extricate these officers, who had been gassed at the same time as himself. He showed splendid gallantry and devotion to duty.

CHATTERTON, Lieut. Richard ... ... ... ... ... R.G.A.
BERKILI FORD, SALONICA, 17th to 19th September, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when the section was under heavy shell fire and gas. During the whole of the enemy bombardment he walked out in the open from gun to gun encouraging the detachment.

CHEEL, 2/Lt. Edgar Stacey ... ... ... ... 3/ Royal West Kent
SOMME, 22nd March to 2nd April, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during an enemy advance. When most of the officers in the battalion had become casualties, he collected all men near him and organised them for defence. Throughout his work was of a high order, and he was of great service to his acting battalion commander.

CHEVERTON, Major Thomas Bird ... ... ... ... R.F.A.
Awarded 3rd June, 1918.

CHILD, Capt. Arthur James ... ... ... ... 1/Artists (R.F.C.)
Awarded 1st January, 1918.

CHILVERS, 2/Lt. Joseph Ernest ... ... ... 3/East Kent (att. yth)
RONSSOY, 18th to 25th September, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and ability during the operations. After his company commander had been wounded, he assumed command, and, during the advance, with a small party, crawled forward and dealt with an enemy machine gun which had been causing casualties. Throughout the whole of the operations, though twice wounded, he displayed great courage and initiative.

CHRISTIE, Capt. John Fairfax ... ... ... ... ... 1/Herts
E. of AMIENS, 26th March, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. This officer's company covered the retirement of two brigades, and was then sent back by him as ordered. He himself remained with one man, and noticing that the division on the right was being heavily pressed, he took a Lewis gun up to a position where he could enfilade the enemy, and with the man to carry spare drums, inflicted severe casualties, bringing them to a halt. The following day he organised a delaying action and held up an attack. Throughout the ten days' operations until he was wounded he did much good work.

CLASS, Lieut. Herbert Rudolph ... ... 5/ Royal Warwick
MOATED GRANGE, 1st July, 1916. For conspicuous gallantry. Throughout an intense bombardment, which wrecked the defences, he moved about with utter contempt of danger, encouraging his men. He materially assisted in reorganising the defences and in repelling the enemy's infantry.

CLIVELY, Major Richard Constantino ... ... ... 16/Tank Corps
QUENNEMONT COPSE, September 29th, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and excellent leadership. When the situation was obscure, and it was obvious that the attack had miscarried, and the enemy was holding the line in strength only 500 yards in front, he held a conference with the infantry company commanders, and under heavy shell and machine-gun fire organised a fresh attack to endeavour to reach the start line. He distributed his tanks amongst the infantry, and by his coolness set a splendid example to all ranks.

COCK, 2/Lt. Geoffrey Hornblower ... ... General List and R.F.C.
On the GAPAARD — OOSTAVERNE ROAD, 6th June, 1917. On many occasions he showed great courage and determination in attacking and destroying hostile aircraft, and in dispersing hostile troops from a low altitude. His skill as a fo'rmation leader has set a fine example to the other pilots of his squadron.

CODD, 2/Lt. Cyril Joseph Charles ... 14/Durham L.I. (Machine Gun Corps)
REGHA TRENCH, 23rd to 31st October, 1916. He displayed great courage and determination during the consolidation of the position, and by skilful handling of his guns was instrumental in repelling two counter-attacks.

COKE, 2/Lt. Edward ... ... ... ... ... ... R.F.A.
LOMBARTZYDE, l0th July, 1917. As artillery Liaison Officer, at a time when all communication with his artillery group was severed, he made repeated attempts to restore the connection, and personally crossed a river under heavy fire in his efforts to mend the cable and to lay fresh ones. He showed the greatest gallantry and disregard of danger throughout the operations, and only desisted from his efforts on receiving the direct order from his headquarters to do so.

COLE, Lieut. Gordon James ... ... ... ... ... 17/Rifle Brigade
N. of FAMPOUX, 23rd March, 1918. When the enemy had forced an entrance into the front line trench and were bombing along it, and the situation appeared to be critical, he went forward from headquarters to reconnoitre. He collected all available men and formed a defensive flank and then organised and took part in a counter-attack which drove out the enemy and completely re-established the position. He showed splendid skill and resource in a most difficult situation.

COLE, 2/Lt. William Maurice ... ... ... ... 5/Leicester
Near LE TOURET, 9/10 June, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He led a patrol in daylight to the enemy's lines, crawled through three belts of wire, surrounded, with three of his men, an enemy organised shell-hole and tried to take the sentry prisoner. The man resisted, and the noise disturbed an enemy machine-gun post close by, so they shot him for identification. Next day he again led a daylight patrol and gained valuable knowledge of the enemy's movements, locating several posts and the time at which they were manned.

COLEMAN, 2/Lt. George Herbert ... ... ... ... 5/Liverpool
Near RAILWAY WOOD, 4/5 March, 1917. In leading two separate bombing attacks against the enemy, he remained to the last superintending the withdrawal of his party, and then carried a wounded man back to safety under heavy fire.

COLES, Lieut. Edgar Lermitte ... ... ... ... 5/Royal West Surrey
TARA HILL, 23rd August, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and energy during the attack. On reaching his objective in command of a company, he was senior officer left in the battalion, and supervised the reorganisation practically single-handed, completing it in a very short time, though the men were tired and inexperienced. He showed fine determination under trying conditions.

COLLINS, 2/Lt. John Edmund ... ... ... ... ... 22/London
METZ, 23rd March, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion when fighting a rearguard action. Although his platoon suffered many casualties, and was almost surrounded, by his disregard of danger and skilful leadership he held up the enemy for three hours, at a time when delay was of the greatest importance. His gallant conduct undoubtedly saved the battalion and enabled the withdrawal to be completed.

COLVIN, Capt. Alexander ... ... ... ... ... ... 5/Essex
GAZA, 26th March, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He led his company with great dash and gallantry in an attack upon a strongly fortified redoubt, which he successfully captured, and afterwards thoroughly reorganised and consolidated the position. On the following day he displayed great coolness when in command of a portion of our front line trench.

COMBER, 2/Lt. Turner ... ... ... ... ... ... 9/Essex
1. W. of ALBERT, 27th March, 1918. When in command of a company he repulsed with heavy loss the numerous determined attacks launched by the enemy against his position, though the latter was enfiladed by machine-gun fire from both flanks. His gallantry and able leadership merited the highest praise.

2. Near MANANCOURT, on the night of 5th September, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and determination. He went forward and took command of a company that had got separated from the battalion during the attack and lost all its officers except one. Having collected the company together in the pitch darkness he got it into position. Although much fatigued the men led by him gained their objective, killing many of the enemy and taking a number of prisoners and machine guns. He behaved splendidly.

CONIBEER, 2/Lt. Ralph William ... ... ... ... ... 3/East Surrey
BOURSIES, 23/24 October, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during the operations. He led his platoon forward with great skill and gained his objective in face of determined enemy opposition. After he was wounded he would not leave his platoon until he had handed over a thoroughly well organised defensive position. His conduct throughout was most jaraise worthy.

CONRAN, Capt. Edward Dennis ... ... ... 2/Royal Munster Fusiliers
1. Awarded 3rd June, 1916.

2. LE CATELET, 4th October, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry, determination and resource when in command of a platoon in the attack. By his cheerfulness and complete disregard of danger he set a good example to all under his command, He materially assisted the attack on VILLERS FERME on 6th October, 1918, by outflanking the enemy and bombing down his trench.

COOKE, 2/Lt. Michael James ... ... ... ... ... 3/Norfolk
Near LAGNICOURT, 2ist March, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during a hostile attack, when the expeditious manner in which he moved the Lewis guns of his company to its threatened flank was largely repohsible for holding up the enemy's advance. Throughout the action he commanded his men, under extremely heavy fire, with the greatest courage and skill until severely wounded.

COOKE, 2/Lt. Philip Andrew ... ... ... ... 8/K.R.R.C.
ROCLINCOURT, 1/2 July, 1916. For conspicuous gallantry when the enemy exploded a large mine, destroying part of our defences. He at once organised bombers, drove off the enemy, and greatly assisted in the consolidation of the position under heavy fire.

COOP, 2/Lt. Richard Wallace ... ... ... ... ... ... R.F.A.
YPRES, 16th August, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty as F.O.O. He sent back valuable information under very great difficulties. He had to fall back under the enemy counter-attack, but was one of the last to return, and narrowly escaped capture.

COOPER, 2/Lt. Edward Priestly ... ... ... ... 1/East Yorks"
Awarded 1st January, 1917.

COOPER, 2/Lt. Thomas Charles ... ... ... 11/Royal Lancaster
BOURLON WOOD, 25th November, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He assisted greatly in the capture of the final objective, and continually rallied men of various units and held his position against counter-attacks. He set a splendid example of courage to his men.

CORMACK, 2/Lt. Arthur Richard ... ... ... ... Machine Gun Corps
HERMIES, VILLERS-AU-FLOS, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty, when he commanded his section so well that his guns wiped out the personnel of three machine guns and silenced two others ; and when he retired his section without loss, after waiting until the enemy was within 100 yards of him, enabled the garrison of a village to get clear. Again, when his battery made a fine stand, his calm forethought and determination were prominent.

CORNISH, 2/Lt. George Mervin ... ... ... ...Grenadier Guards
LES BOEUFS, 15th September, 1916. Though twice wounded and streaming with blood, he continued to lead in the advance. Not till after the trench was firmly in our hands did he allow himself to be taken to the dressing station.

CORRELL, 2/Lt. Charles Edward ... ... ... ... ... 5/Yorks
Awarded 1st January, 1917.

CORRY, 2/Lt. John Edgar ... ... ... ... 3/ Royal West Surrey
S. of METEREN, 12th to i4th April, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He twice led counter-attacks with great dash against the enemy to restore the situation. Owing to his courage and cheerfulness, many attacks by the enemy were completely repulsed. He has previously done fine work.

COTTAM, Capt. Algernon Edward ... ... ... ... 2/East Surrey
W. of BAPAUME, 21st to 23rd August, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry in action. He made frequent reconnaissances to the front over ground swept by artillery, machine-gun and rifle fire, and in spite of thick mist and other difficulties, he obtained important information of the positions occupied by the enemy. Throughout two days' operations he showed a splendid example of courage and initiative and untiring energy.

COURTAULD, Capt. Stephen Lewis ... ... ... 1/Worcester (M.G.C.)
Awarded 1st January, 1918.

COXHEAD, 2/Lt. Henry Jessop ... ... ... ... ... 13/Royal Sussex
Awarded 3rd June, 1917.

CRAMPTON, 2/Lt. Hubert ... ... ... ... ... 5/Manchester
Awarded 3rd June, 1917.

CRAN, Capt. Robert Charles ... ... ... ... 2/York & Lancaster
Near GRICOURT, 24/25 September, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and fine leadership in action. He personally led the assault on the final objective on the 24th. He assumed control of the entire front line of the battalion and displayed high powers of leadership and organisation. He set a very fine example of coolness and courage to all ranks.

CREED, 2/Lt. Thomas Percival ... ... ... ... 5/Leicester
ANDOVER PLACE, December, 1916. With a small party of men he attacked and drove off an enemy patrol. He displayed great courage and determination throughout.

CRISP, Lieut. George William ... ... ... ... ... 23/London
Near HAPPY VALLEY, 22nd August, 1918. He exhibited unusual qualities of initiative and marked ability in dealing efficiently with unexpected and difficult situations when immediate action was essential and it was impossible to refer to his commanding officer. When the enemy successfully attacked part of the line he carried out the reorganisation of the survivors and the defence of the second line with great gallantry and complete success in spite of intense fire.

CROCKER, 2/Lt. William Charles ... ... ... ... 4/Dorset
ORS, 4th November, 1918. He led his platoon with great dash and determination during the attack, which involved crossing the canal under heavy machine-gun fire. In mopping up the. village of Ors he took over 80 prisoners with his platoon, and later on captured a group of houses with further prisoners. Throughout he set a fine example to his men.

CROOK, 2/Lt. Leslie Arthur ... ... ... ... 2/Royal West Surrey
Near BAZENTIN, 15th to 21st July, 1916. For conspicuous gallantry in action. He set a fine example under heavy fire, and displayed great powers of leadership till he was wounded.

CRONEEN, 2/Lt. Seymour ... ... ... ... ... R.A.S.C.
HILL 60, 23rd September, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He was in charge of a convoy of twelve wagons ordered to load at a supply dump which was under heavy shell fire. He first reconnoitred the road, and then brought the wagons up singly until they had all been loaded and safely despatched, the whole task being carried out under shell fire. It was entirely due to his devotion to duty and determination that the task was carried out without loss or confusion.

CROSLAND, 2/Lt. Leonard ... ... R.G.A.
GAZA, 15/16 October, 1917. Though himself severely wounded he remained under heavy shell fire with a badly wounded man, rendering him assistance, and finally got him under cover.

CROUCH, Capt. Francis Harris ... ... ... ... 5/Lancashire Fusiliers
Awarded 1st January, 1918.

CROWTHER, Lieut. John Edward Marmaduke ... ... ... 11/East Surrey
SENSES VALLEY, 23rd March, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. This officer in command of a company was ordered to reconnoitre a village, and subsequently his company led the attack. During the whole time he was fearlessly exposing himself under intense shell .and machine-gun fire, and he fell wounded when directing and encouraging his platoons which were held up by enemy strong points. Although badly wounded, he gave full directions to the nearest officer before allowing himself to be taken to the dressing station.

CUDDON, Capt. Philip Basil ... ... ... ... ... 2/Hampshire
1. MONCHY, i4th April, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He displayed great ability in placing a part of the village in a good state of defence at a most critical stage. Oa a later date he led his company into action, captured a trench containing a large number of the enemy, and defended the right flank of the Division when the advance was held up.

2. BOESINGHE, 9th October, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He commanded his company with marked ability throughout the operations, and when a further advance was ordered at short notice, he conducted it with the greatest skill and determination, and carried it out with complete success. He displayed great judgment in difficult situations, and set a high example of courage to his men.

3. Near VIEUX BERQUIN, 3rd April, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When the line on the left suddenly broke under an enemy attack, this officer galloped up and took the men forward, re-establishing the original firing line. His energy and drive saved a very critical situation.

CULLERNE, 2/Lt. Alan Baird ... ... ... ... 7/Royal West Kent
BERNAFAY WOOD, 27/28 August, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and enterprise during the operations. Keeping close up with the barrage he reached the objective with his com- pany, and, pressing on, he gave the enemy no time to reorganise. Later, when the troops on both flanks were driven back, he superintended the defence of the flanks under heavy fire and ultimately enabled the line to be re-established.

CUMBERLEGE, Capt. Geoffrey Fenwick Jocelyn ... ... 2/Oxford & Bucks L.I.
Awarded 1st January, 1919.

CUNDALL, Capt. Herbert Ayres ... ... ... ... 1 /South Stafford
BULLECOURT, 12th May, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion during an attack, when, although severely wounded, he continued to lead his men on with great bravery until wounded a second time. He has on previous occasions done fine work.

CUNNINGHAM, 2/Lt. James Joseph Ignatius ... ... ... 12/London
NEUVILLE VITASSE, 9th April, 1917. His company being held up by thick wire and fired on by an enemy machine gun, he led his platoon and broke through the wire into the enemy trench, where he attacked and dispersed the machine-gun team. His prompt action saved many casualties.

CURTIS, 2/Lt. Frank ... ... ... ... ... Machine Gun Corps
LAGNICOURT, 21/22 March, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during a hostile attack, when in command of four forward guns, which he controlled with great courage and skill. After all his guns had been destroyed by shell fire he took command of another battery whose officer had been wounded, and when the infantry in this sector had been ordered to retire he covered the withdrawal with his guns. Throughout the day he set a splendid example of courage and cheerfulness.

CUTLER, 2/Lt. Edward Cecil ... ... ... ... ... 7/Royal Sussex
AVELUY WOOD, 26th March, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when his platoon was attacked by strong enemy forces and almost completely surrounded. He showed great skill and coolness in rallying his men and beat off the attack. Next day, during a heavy enemy attack, he was severely wounded, but refused to allow himself to be taken away until the situation was restored and he had handed over the command to a N.C.O.

CUTTING, Major Raymond Howarth ... ... ... ... 1/Devon
Awarded 1st January, 1917.