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Military Cross obtained by members of the Artists Rifles Corps since August 4th, 1914. D

Artists Riles Roll of Honour

The Military Cross was instituted as a Decoration on December 28th, 1914, to reward Distinguished Services rendered by Officers of certain ranks in the army in time of war. Bars may be added for additional acts of gallantry. Since August 1st, 1918, it has, like the D.S.O., been awarded for "services in action" only. The Decoration consists of a Cross of Silver, having on each arm the Imperial Crown and bearing in the centre the Royal and Imperial Cypher. The ribbon is white with a purple stripe. Bars are indicated (in undress uniform) by small silver rosettes on the ribbon.

DALTON, 2/Lt. John ... ... ... ... ... 1/ Bedford
N. of YPRES, 5th to l0th October, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when in command of the left platoon of the battalion. On the first night in he crossed very boggy ground to the right company headquarters of the battalion on our left, laid a tape from there a distance of about 300 yards to our left post, and got one of their companies to dig in and join up with our left. It was due to his action that our left flank was made secure.

DALY, 2/Lt. Augustus Joseph ... ... ... ... ... R.F.A.
N. of ZILLEBEKE LAKE, 6/7 September, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. While he was helping to drag two guns out the gun position a shell burst, killing and wounding fourteen men. Though himself wounded, he managed to carry all the wounded off the track into shell holes. He later collected two teams and got his guns into the new position.

DANGERFIELD, 2/Lt. Paul ... ... ... ... ... 1/East Kent
Awarded 1st January, 1916.

DANIELL, Lt.-Col. Thomas Edward St. Clare ... ... ... ... R.F.C.
Awarded 1st January, 1917.

DAVIDSON, 2/Lt. Kenneth Chisholm ... ... ... 11/Gordon Highlanders
YPRES, 3ist July, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When commanding his platoon during an advance, an enemy strong point manned by machine guns threatened to hold up the right flank of his battalion. With great courage and initiative, he organised a bombing party, personally led it against the position, and after a fierce encounter, killed the garrison and put the guns out of action. On reaching the first objective, he took command and reorganised half of the battalion, and throughout the advance he displayed the greatest personal courage and gallantry in the forefront of the fighting.

DAVIES, 2/Lt. Arthur Charles ... ... ... ... 11/Essex

N. of ST. QUENTIN, 19th September to 17th October, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty as Intelligence Officer during the operations. On the 17th October especially, when the position was very obscure owing to the heavy mist, he made his way to the assaulting troops, put some who had lost direction on their right way, and cleared up the situation generally. All this was done under heavy machine-gun fire.

DAVIES, 2/Lt. Derek Ben ... ... ... ... ... Welsh Guards
FLESQUIERES, 27th September, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He volunteered to take out a party to deal with the enemy machine guns in ORIVAL WOOD, which were enfilading his company. He succeeded under intense fire in killing six of the enemy and capturing the guns. His example was inspiring to all ranks.

DAVIES, 2/Lt. Frederick Harry ... ... ... ... R.A.F.
In FRANCE, 8th and 9th March, 1918. Whilst on artillery observation duty he engaged a hostile scout, which he succeeded in sending down out of control. He then continued to observe for the shoot, and successfully accomplished his task. Later, whilst again on artillery patrol, though attacked by five hostile aeroplanes, he, by successful manoeuvring, enabled his observer to fire several bursts into the leader of the formation, whose machine was seen to go down in a vertical nose-dive and crash to earth. Continuing the fight against the remaining four hostile machines, he eventually forced them away, and succeeded in ranging on and neutralizing three hostile batteries. He set a magnificent example of skill and determination.

DAVIES, 2/Lt. Gwylon ... ... ... ... 4/Northumberland Fusiliers
CAULINCOURT, 21st to 27th March, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During a withdrawal this officer volunteered to go forward and locate the enemy position, returning with valuable information. Some days later he showed great coolness under heavy fire, encouraging his men and leading a counter-attack with great dash. He held on till forced to withdraw for want of ammunition.

DAVIES, Lieut. Henry ... ... ••• ... 6/Royal Welch Fusiliers
SAPIGNIES — BITHUCOURT, 21st to 26th March, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in action. In every phase of the fighting he led his men in a most splendid manner. His tireless energy and courage under heavy fire and in critical circumstances were most praiseworthy.

DAVIES, 2/Lt. Thomas Talvin ... .,. ... ... ... 4/Welch
BOURLON WOOD, 23rd November, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When his company had reached their objective he heard that men of another battalion on his left were in difficulties. Collecting a few men he went to their assistance, and by pushing forward enabled them to continue their advance. Returning to his company he repeatedly led his men forward and did much to bring the heavy enemy counter-attacks to a standstill. He showed splendid coolness and initiative,

DAVIES, Lieut. Tudor Huab ... ... ... ... ... R.E.
Awarded 3rd June, 1918.

DAVIS, 2/Lt. Melville Allen Duff ... ... ... ... 9/K.R.R.C.
YPRES-MENIN ROAD, 21st to 25th August 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He was in charge of all the carrying and ration parties up to the front line, and carried out his task under very heavy shell fire with great success. During an enemy counter- attack, when bombs were urgently needed in the front line, he led a carrying party with bombs up a road under an intense barrage. He also took command of his company, reorganised them and brought them out successfully.

DAVIS, 2/Lt. Ralph ... ... ... ... ... ... Leicester
GUEUDECOURT, 25th September, 1916. He led his men in the attack with great courage and initiative. Later he ran along the parapet under heavy fire to give instructions for the consolidation, and set a splendid example.

DAVIS, Capt. Richard Nevill ... ... ... ... ... 2/Leicester
MONTNOIR, i7th April, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during an enemy attack. He kept the situation well in hand during the temporary absence of his commanding officer, and ensured the right flank of his battalion being thrown back so as to enable the front positions to be maintained. He continually sent back information as to the situation. His work has been splendid, and his coolness under fire most noticeable.

DAVIS, 2/Lt. Thomas Henry Clifford ... ... ... ..." R.F.A.
1. SAVERNAKE WOOD, 18th September, 1916. When his O.P. was blown in and himself wounded he remained and dressed a severely-wounded telephonist and brought him in. On another occasion he sent back valuable information and carried out a daring reconnaissance.

2. DEMICOURT, 22nd November, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. Whilst reconnoitring a position for a forward observation post, accompanied only by an orderly, he encountered a party of sixteen of the enemy, all of whom he brought into our lines as prisoners. He continually showed the greatest gallantry and enterprise.

DAWE, 2/Lt. Sidney Charles ... ... ... ... ... 5/Lincoln
CROISILLES-HENIN ROAD, 31st March, 1917. He led his platoon in the most gallant manner, and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy. Later, although wounded, he remained at his post until the position was consolidated.

DAWSON, 2/Lt. Frederick Albert ... ... ... ... 8/East Surrey
POELCAPPELLE, 12th October, 1917. Shortly after the attack was launched the leading platoons of his company were held up by intense machine-gun fire. He pushed on and, in conjunction with his company commander, made great efforts to carry forward the attack. After his company commander became a casualty, he took command of the company and some men of another division, and again attempted to renew the attack.

DAY, Lieut. John Percival ... ... ... ... 9/Rifle Brigade
DELVILLE WOOD, 19th to 30th August, 1916. He twice carried out difficult and dangerous reconnaissances, and on one occasion led a successful bombing attack with great skill and courage.

DEATON, z/Lt. Albert Joseph ... ... ... ... ... 6/Gloucester
ST. JOLIEN, 16th August, 1917. In an attack he led his platoon with great dash and judgment. When held up by machine-gun fire he got his Lewis gun into action at once, silenced the hostile gun and charged the position. He inflicted considerable losses on the enemy by his prompt action.

DEBONO, Lieut. George Peter ... ... ... ... 5/ Royal Berks
E. of ARRAS, 9th April, 1917. He showed great courage and ability when commanding his company. He led them against an enemy battery, capturing it and many prisoners. He set a fine example throughout.

DEER, Lieut. John Hartley ... ... ... ... ... K.R.R.C.
N. of KEMMEL, 9th August, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and determination. He held on to the post of which he was in command, though entirely surrounded by the enemy, who were eventually repelled with heavy casualties. It was chiefly owing to his courage and tenacity that the flank of the battalion was maintained intact.

DE LANDRE-GROGAN, Lieut. Leon Victor St. Patrick ... ... 1 (5) York & Lancaster
Near GAVRELLE (N. of ARRAS) on the night of September 22/23, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and good leadership during a successful minor operation. He led his platoon against an enemy trench and successfully cleared it and carried out consolidation. The following night the enemy counter-attacked in force but were driven off with loss. The success of the operation was greatly due to his able leadership and fine example to his men.

DEVEREUX, 2/Lt. Richard Harding Frank ... ... ... 10/Rifle Brigade
Awarded 1st January, 1917.

DICKMAN, 2/Lt. Henry Alderman ... ... ... 167th A. T. Coy., R.E.
Awarded 1st January, 1919.

Dixox, Lieut. Alfred Chessington ... ... ... ... 11/Tank Corps
Awarded 3rd June, 1919.

DONALDSON, 2/Lt. Alfred James ... ... ... ... 9/Royal West Kent
Near KLEIN ZILLEBEKE, 3ist July and 1st August, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During two days of severe fighting he made journeys under heavy fire to maintain touch with the battalions on the flanks and with the front line. He also reconnoitred and laid out the assembly area under fire and guided the companies to their tapes.

DORE, 2/Lt. William Charles Henry ... ... ... ... Labour Corps
CAESTRE, 2nd December, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He showed the greatest coolness and determination in his handling of his men in a most difficult situation.

DORRINGTON, 2/Lt. Stanley Flowers ... ... ... 3/Northampton
GAZA, 2nd November, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He displayed conspicuous courage and skill in the capture of a post, and, when compelled to withdraw, he successfully extricated his platoon across a shell-swept area. His dashing example was beyond all praise.

DOUGLAS, 2/Lt. George Frederick ... ... ... ... R.E.
S. of ST. JULIEN, 8th September, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when in charge of gas projectors emplaced in a very exposed position. A hostile barrage being put down on and behind the projector emplacements he distributed his men in shell holes, and, without calling for any assistance from them, himself completed the final connections. Witholding his fire until the appointed time he fired four out of the five batteries, only returning to cover after having assured himself that all the projectors had fired. This involved careful and cool-headed work in a very exposed position and under exceptionally heavy fire.

DOWDEN, 2/Lt. Henry James ... ... ... 312th Brigade, R.F.A.
HAVRINCOURT, 18th September, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. In reponse to a S.O.S., this officer at once got all the guns into action, and maintained a quick rate of fire in spite of heavy barrage. He fired one gun himself until the detachment was collected, and then assisted to bind up a wounded officer.

DOWSON, Lieut. Sydney Houghton ... ... ... ... 1 /Royal Warwick
Awarded 1st January, 1919.

DOYLE, Lieut. Algernon Gordon ... ... ... 123rd Field Coy., R.E.
Near MONTAY, 15/16 October, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and determination in connection with bridging the RIVER SELLE. On the night of 15/16 he took measurements of the river to enable a tank bridge to be made. On the i6th he prepared the necessary materials for the bridge, and that night worked for nine hours breast-deep in the water under heavy shell and machine-gun fire and sniping. When approaching daylight forced him to stop work, he had, by twenty-three hours' continuous work under most trying conditions, ensured the success of the scheme. He continued the work during the next two nights, and the bridge was satisfactorily completed twenty-four hours before zero. His bridging work proved of great value in the attack on the zoth.

DRAKEFORD, Capt. Herbert ... ... ... ... 7/Liverpool
HOUPLINES, 15/16 July, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during a determined hostile raid upon our front line. He organised a post for defence, and succeeded in beating off a strong party of the enemy from both front and rear. He then visited all the front line positions in his sector under an intense barrage, during which he killed one of the enemy and obtained identifications.

DUCKWORTH, 2/Lt. John Edwin Hardie ... ... 7/Worcester (16/Devon)
Near RONSSOY, 18th September, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and initiative when he led the attack splendidly and was the first man on the objective between TOINE WOOD and ORCHARD POST. At one period he got considerably in advance of the main force but still pushed on. Without the courageous example set by this officer it is doubtful whether this position would have been taken at the time. One hundred prisoners and a machine gun were captured in this sector alone. During consolidation, with a Welsh officer he crawled round a machine gun which was still firing and rounded it up. He and his party were also responsible for the capture of an enemy field gun.

DUDLEY, 2/Lt. Arnold Tiffany ... ... ... ... ... 3/Yorks
HILL 60, 7th June, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in leading his company successfully when all the other officers had become casualties. He showed great judgment in his selection of strong points for the defence, and set a fine example to his men of coolness under heavy shell fire. Although wounded, he remained in command for 36 hours.

DUNBAR, Capt. Sir Archibald Edward, Bart. ... ... 12/West Yorks
BAZENTIN-LE-GRAND, 14th July, and LONGUEVAL, 23rd July, 1916. He led his company in the attack with great dash, and skilfully consolidated his position. During a later attack he handled his company with great skill under heavy shell fire. He has set a fine example.

DUNKERTON, Lieut. Edmund Lloyd Hain ... ... ... 5/York & Lancaster
1. BOURLON WOOD, 27th November, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He led his platoon against a village under heavy fire. After his company commander had been wounded, he took command of the company, and three times went through a heavy barrage to reorganise his men. When the line had given way, he led his men forward again and saved a critical situation. He set a splendid example of determination and resource.

2. STEENWERCK, 11th April, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He led his company in a successful attack on houses filled with enemy snipers and machine guns. Having gained his objective, he took charge of and successfully led another company who had lost all their officers. By his fine example of courage and good leadership he contributed largely to the success of the attack.

DURRANT, Major Reginald Tom ... ... ... 223rd Brigade, R.F.A.
Awarded 1st January, 1919.

DURUTY, 2/Lt. Charles Eric ... ... ... ... 10/ Royal Warwick
S. of Bois DE BEIZ, 21st September, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. After two companies detailed for an attack had reached their objective, communication with them except by runner was impossible for some time. During this period this officer, as Battalion Intelligence Officer, despite artillery barrage, very heavy machine-gun fire and numerous snipers, on two separate occasions carried out personal reconnaissances as far as the forward occupied posts, bringing back much valuable information to his commanding officer. He has on very many occasions carried out exceptionally valuable patrol work both by day and night.

DUTHIE, 2/Lt. Donald James ... ... ... ... 6/Royal Warwick
Awarded 1st January, 1918.

DUTTON, Lieut. Wilfred Joseph ... ... ... ... ... 4/Gloucester
AVE, on the ASIAGO PLATEAU, 23/24 October, 1918. In a night raid he Jed his company with conspicuous gallantry, quickly overcoming all enemy resistance and capturing fifty prisoners and three machine guns. By his personal example of courage and determination he contributed very largely to the success gained by his company.

DUXBURY, 2/Lt. Andrew Marshall ... ... ... 6/Oxford & Bucks L.I.
Awarded 1st January, 1918.

DYKES, 2/Lt. Oswald ... ... ... ... ... ... R.F.A.
BERTHANCOURT, 18th September, and FRESNOY, 24th September, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and resource while in command of his battery, which was subjected to very heavy hostile fire and gas shelling, severe casualties being caused to personnel and equipment, in spite of which operations were successfully carried out.