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Military Cross obtained by members of the Artists Rifles Corps since August 4th, 1914. E

Artists Riles Roll of Honour

The Military Cross was instituted as a Decoration on December 28th, 1914, to reward Distinguished Services rendered by Officers of certain ranks in the army in time of war. Bars may be added for additional acts of gallantry. Since August 1st, 1918, it has, like the D.S.O., been awarded for "services in action" only. The Decoration consists of a Cross of Silver, having on each arm the Imperial Crown and bearing in the centre the Royal and Imperial Cypher. The ribbon is white with a purple stripe. Bars are indicated (in undress uniform) by small silver rosettes on the ribbon.

EDE, 2/Lt. Edwin William ... ... ... ... 5/Royal Fusiliers
E. of HANGARD, 2nd April, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty while commanding a company in attack. He showed great coolness and determination under very heavy fire, and got his Lewis gun into action to counter the enemy machine guns.

EDGHILL, 2/Lt. Ashley Gay ... ... ... ... 4/Lancashire Fusiliers
AYETTE, 3rd to 5th April, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty while in command of his T.M. Battery during raids on hostile trenches. The attacks were carried out under a Stokes mortar barrage, as artillery could not be used, and were completely successful, resulting in the capture of three machine guns and several prisoners, and causing heavy enemy casualties. He carried out his programme in spite of heavy artillery and machine-gun fire, displaying a fearless devotion to duty which greatly inspired his men.

EDMINSON, Lieut. Leonard Oswald ... ... ... ... 12/Manchester
Awarded 1st January, 1919.

EDMUNDS, Lieut. John ... ... ... ... ... 21/London
BOURLON WOOD, 4/5 December, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.
He remained with another officer and a few men in the front line for four hours after the position had been evacuated. He carried out his task with marked ability, and at the appointed time withdrew without a casualty and without the enemy suspecting that the line had been evacuated.

EDWARDS, 2/Lt. Griffith Oliver ... ... ... 3/Northumberland Fusiliers
HILL 60 Sector, 7/8 June, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in commanding two platoons during an attack. His coolness and cheerfulness under heavy shell fire steadied his men, and later, when sent up to reinforce, he did so with great promptness and exactitude.

EDWARDS, Capt. William Howell ... ... ... 11/Royal Welch Fusiliers
Near MONTAY, 20th October, 1918. In the attack he showed conspicuous gallantry as adjutant. Under constant machine-gun fire he made the preliminary arrangements for the assembly of the battalion east of the RIVER SELLE. It was largely due to his skill that the battalion was able to assemble so close to the first objective without enemy knowledge.

EGLINGTON, Lieut. Dudley Charles ... ... 2/Royal Highlanders (R.F.C.)
LILLE, 20th May, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion when acting as an observer. In the course of a fight with several Albatross scouts, in which he shot down one, the pilot was wounded and fell over the control lever insensible, causing the machine to dive with the engine full on. He climbed out, standing outside the fuselage on the lower plane, dragged the pilot back, and, switching off the engine, pulled the machine out of its dive. Not being a trained pilot, his act exhibited great fearlessness and skill.

EILOART, 2/Lt. Ferdinand Robert ... ... ... ... R.G.A.
Awarded 3rd June, 1918.

ELKINGTON, Lieut. Howard George ... ... ... ... 21/London
DESSART RIDGE — BAZENTIN WOOD, 2ist March, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in command of a company, especially during difficult withdrawals, when his coolness and courage were pre-eminent. At one critical moment he hastily reorganised and established a defensive flank, which gave time for a new position to be taken up in rear.

ELLEN, Lieut. Walter ... ... ... ... ... 8/Royal Sussex
Awarded 3rd June, 1919.

ELLIOTT, Lieut. Alfred Ernest Thomas ... ... ... 10/London (1/Artists)
MOEUVRES, 27th September, 1918. By conspicuous gallantry and determination he led his company to their objective, when he pushed forward and allowed companies in rear to consolidate, By his determination and fine example he held a most important point during a very critical period in the fight in spite of fierce opposition, and later rendered invaluable assistance to troops on his flanks by giving them information and enabling them to continue the attack.

ELLIOTT, 2/Lt. Arthur Godfrey ... ... . .... ... Grenadier Guards
BOURSIES, 3rd September, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry during an attack. Having obtained his objective with his company, he at once pushed forward patrols to the next tactical feature, thereby enabling the advance of the battalion to be expedited. Later, during consolidation of a position, he displayed the greatest coolness and devotion to duty under heavy gas shelling, and, though gassed himself, remained at duty until three out of his four platoons had established themselves.

ELLIOTT, Lieut. Ernest Edward ... ... ... 9/Royal West Surrey
HAMEL, 26th to 28th March, 1918. During three days' operations, he carried out a valuable reconnaissance under direct machine-gun fire. Though twice wounded he refused to withdraw, but remained with his men and continued to render valuable service until the battalion was relieved. His coolness under fire was a splendid example to his men.

ELLIS, 2/Lt. Joe ... ... ... ... ... ... 13/East Yorks
Near ALEXANUROVO, 8/9 June, 1919. For marked gallantry and devotion to duty. Although the Russian flanking party had withdrawn, he attempted to rush a hostile post with eight men. On i5th June, with a patrol of 12 other ranks, he kept up a running fight for three hours with an enemy patrol about 100 strong. A splendid leader, who can always get the best out of his men.

ELLIS, 2/Lt. Reginald Donald ... ... ... ... Durham L.I.
Awarded 4th June, 1917.

ELLIS, Lieut. Robert ... ... ... ... ... ... R.A.M.C.
Awarded 4th June, 1917.

ELLIS, 2/Lt. Shirley Duncan ... ... ... 173rd Tunnelling Co., R.E.
DOUBLE GRASSIER, 12th March, 1916. For conspicuous gallantry when rescuing, under very heavy shell-fire, some men who had become imprisoned ia an old mine. At the first three attempts to reach them he was driven back by heavy fire.

ELTON, Capt. Herbert Sauzier ... ... ... ... ... 2/London
In FRANCE, 21st to 27th March, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty as battalion reconnaissance officer. On many occasions he was ordered to lead Tanks to their starting-points over very difficult ground, and always succeeded. He also displayed wonderful courage and initiative on the battlefield in obtaining information from neighbouring infantry and carrying orders to isolated Tanks. His services were invaluable throughout the operations.

ELVY, Major Leslie Thomas ... ... ... ... ... i3/London
Awarded 1st January, 1919.

EVANS, 2/Lt. Bernard Scott ... ... ... ... 4/Royal West Surrey
FONTAINE, 23rd April, 1917. He led his platoon with great courage and coolness. By his splendid leading he was mainly responsible for the success of the advance, during which 500 prisoners were taken. Though wounded in the head, he stuck to his work.

EVANS, 2/Lt. Douglas William ... ... ... ... ... 10/London
ST. QUENTIN, 21/22 March, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When his four guns were early put out of action, he took charge of two guns of another section and repelled many enemy assaults and assisted the infantry to hold the line. He showed great coolness and skill in the use of his guns.

EVANS, Lieut. Hugh Elwyn ... ... ... ... ... 5/Yorks
Awarded 3rd June, 1918.

EVANS, 2/Lt. Thomas Evander . ... ... ... 11/Royal Welch Fusiliers
1. SALONIKA, 27/28 March, 1917. When in command of a patrol he encountered a much stronger hostile party, which attempted to ambush and surround him. He at once attacked, and inflicted severe loss on the enemy. He handled his patrol with great ability and coolness throughout, setting a very fine example of courage and resource.

2. MORTHO WOOD, near VILLERS OUTREAUX, 8th October, 1918. He showed great gallantry and devotion to duty during the attack. On reaching the enemy wire he went forward to try and find gaps, and though badly wounded while doing so, remained at duty till daylight, when he organised his platoon and continued the advance until obliged by his wound to go back. He set a fine example of courage and determination.

EVANS, 2/Lt. Thomas Kelvin ... ... ... 3/Northumberland Fusiliers
VIEUX BERQUIN, 7th August, 1918. He made a reconnaissance in advance of a patrol which was held up by machine-gun fire from two points. By working close up he was able to locate the exact position of these guns. He further located two machine-gun posts further behind, from which our men were being sniped, and again two more posts from which a machine gun was captured. He was out for nearly four hours, most of the time behind the enemy's posts. He displayed conspicuous gallantry and skill.

EWEN, 2/Lt. Henry Spencer ... ... ... ... ... 23/London
W. of GRAINCOURT, 8th December, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He organised and supervised the construction of a communication trench under heavy shell fire. Though he was twice badly shaken by bursting shells, he showed great courage and disregard of danger, and encouraged his men, when casualties were caused among them, by his splendid example.