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Military Cross obtained by members of the Artists Rifles Corps since August 4th, 1914. IJ

Artists Riles Roll of Honour

The Military Cross was instituted as a Decoration on December 28th, 1914, to reward Distinguished Services rendered by Officers of certain ranks in the army in time of war. Bars may be added for additional acts of gallantry. Since August 1st, 1918, it has, like the D.S.O., been awarded for "services in action" only. The Decoration consists of a Cross of Silver, having on each arm the Imperial Crown and bearing in the centre the Royal and Imperial Cypher. The ribbon is white with a purple stripe. Bars are indicated (in undress uniform) by small silver rosettes on the ribbon.

IMRIE, 2/Lt. David Patrick Cuthbert ... ... ... ... 1/London
WARNETON, 9th April, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He was in charge of a platoon occupying a strong point, and after both flanks had been forced back he held on and inflicted very heavy casualties on the enemy at close range, thus delaying the enemy's advance and allowing the troops, which had withdrawn, to take up a new position. His tireless energy and cheerfulness deserve the highest praise.

IRELAND, 2/Lt. Ernest Pinnock ... ... ... ... ... Tank Corps
Near ST. JULIEN, 22nd August, 1917. When acting in support of another officer, the tank commanded by the latter became ditched, whereupon 2/Lt. Ireland attempted to tow it out with his own, but got ditched in the attempt. He unditched his own tank and brought all the wounded and the guns of both tanks safely out of action, although while dojng so his tank was put out of action by shell fire. During the whole of this time he was under heavy shell and machine-gun fire. He showed great gallantry and fearlessness.

IRVING, Capt. George Gray Hammond ... ... ... 9/Rifle Brigade
ACHIET-LE-GRAND. 21st to 25th August, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He made a personal reconnaissance of the outpost line under heavy machine-gun fire, and returned with information of great importance. During five days' operations he was untiring in his efforts to arrange food, water and ammunition supplies, and by his masterly grip of the situation rendered invaluable service.


JACKSON, Capt. Mark Keith ... ... ... ... ... 6/Warwick
1. E. of VILLERS PLOUICH, 3rd to 5th December, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in action. Although in a very exposed position with his company, he maintained it for many hours under a very heavy shell fire. Later, seeing a company of another unit on his left being hard pressed, he gallantly led a party of men across the open to attack the enemy on the flank, and was wounded while so doing.

2. BAC ST. MAUR, 6th September, 1917. He organised the final attack which drove the enemy out of his positions with great skill, and carried it out with courage and determination, capturing many prisoners and four machine guns. His conspicuous courage and devotion to duty inspired all the men of the company under his command.

JACKSON, 2/Lt. Stewart Spiers ... ... ... ... ... 6/ Worcester
LA VACCJUERIE, 3rd December, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When sent up with reinforcements to a post which was almost surrounded by the enemy he led his men through heavy rifle and machine-gun fire. He went forward alone to reconnoitre the best means of approach, and by his coolness and courage succeeded in bringing timely assistance to the garrison of the post.

JAGGER, Lieut. Charles Sargeant ... ... ... ... 13/ Worcester
NEOVE EGLISE, 11th to i4th April, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty while commanding a company. He beat off several attacks by superior forces, and when his right flank was exposed and communication cut he still held on to his position. He made a valiant fight, and not until he was compelled to do so did he order a retirement.

JAMES, 2/Lt. Lawrence Edward ... ... ... ... 7/London
S.E. of YPRES, 2Oth September, 1917. When the advance of his company was held up by enfilade fire from a dug-out he quickly made up a party, and after hard fighting captured the position, accounting for eight of the enemy. His prompt action was invaluable to the battalion.

JAMES, 2/Lt. William Thomas ... ... ... ... ... 1 /London
N.W. of BOLLECOURT, 16th June, 1917. He took command of his company when his other officers had become casualties, and consolidated and held a position for 24 hours, although subjected to repeated bombing attacks and sniping from all sides. His conduct and bearing throughout were most creditable, and set a splendid example to his men.

JARVIS, Captain Arthur ... ... ... ... ... 1/Gloucester
Awarded 3rd June, 1919.

JEFFERYS, Capt. Arthur Harold ... ... 7/Middlesex (Loyal North Lanes.)
GIVENCHY, 18th April, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. As soon as the enemy barrage lifted he ordered his company to stand to, and when he found that the enemy had penetrated the trenches he led an immediate counter-attack and drove them back' some distance. He then organised and led bombing parties to clear the enemy out, and join up with a company on the left. He succeeded in this, and, although wounded, insisted on reorganising the sector, and did not leave till the next day.

JERWOOD, Capt. Edward Longsden ... ... ... 1/Royal Berks
1. S. of RICHEBOURG L'AvouE, May isth, 1915. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during a night attack on the enemy's trenches, when in charge of machine guns, He established a machine gun in position in the second captured German trench under rifle and machine-gun fire, and also recovered a machine gun that had been lost between the first and second German trenches. On I7th May he gallantly led a section which established two machine guns in the firing line under shell fire, and set a fine example to the men under his command.

2. Near OPPY, 29th April, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in leading his company during an attack. By his dispositions and personal example he was able to repulse several heavy counter-attacks until himself wounded. The reports he sent back were invaluable.

3. Near BERMERAIN, 24th October, 1918. For marked gallantry and devotion to duty. When in command of the support company he noticed that the left front company and the battalion on his left were held up by heavy enfilade machine-gun fire. He promptly advanced his company and captured the final objective.

JERWOOD, Capt. John Hugh ... ... ... ... 10/ Durham L.I.
S.E of HOOGE, 21/22 and 24/25 August, 1917. He maintained his position regardless of withdrawals on his right and left and of the fact that the enemy had penetrated the line on both his flanks. He displayed a coolness and fearlessness which inspired all ranks with confidence.

JOHNSON, Capt Alfred Forbes ... ... ... ... ... R.G.A.
Awarded 1st January, 1919.

JOHNSON, Capl. Charles Beckett ... ... ... 5/Border (9/Liverpool)
Awarded 3rd June, 1919.

JOHNSTON, 2/Lt. John Darrell ... ... ... ... 5/Gloucester
E. of YPRES, 22nd August, 1917. During the attack he led his company through the barrage and took up and consolidated a position. He took command of the forward line and organised the defence of four different units. He displayed exceptional qualities of leadership, and by his cheerfulness and disregard of danger inspired all ranks to consolidate and hold on at a critical time. His organisation of the line helped the troops on his flanks to hold on to the objectives.

JOHNSTONE, Lieut. Robert ... ... ... 4/London (R.F.C.)
Near LE TRANSLOY, 17th October, 1916. For conspicuous gallantry in action. He has shown marked courage and initiative in turning our artillery on to columns of enemy infantry. On one occasion he carried out counter battery work in cloud and mist at 800 feet under heavy fire from the ground.

JONES, Lieut. Percy Hudson ... ... ... ... ... R.E.
FESTUBERT, 18th April, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. As brigade signalling officer he displayed untiring energy in his efforts to establish communication with battalions which had become dislocated owing to heavy bombardment and mist. Throughout the day he was up and down seeing what could be done to improve matters, regard- less of personal risk.

JONES, 2/Lt. Reginald Lucas ... ... ... ... ... 9/London
Near WESTHOEK, 16th August, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty on several occasions in hand-to-hand fighting. On one occasion he cleared a tunnel dug-out with a Lewis gun, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy.

JOSEPHS, 2/Lt. Edward Albert Robert ... ... ... 5/Gloucester
S. of POELCAPPELLE, 4th October, 1917. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He took command of his company in an attack and led it forward under heavy fire. He showed great initiative and energy in organising and consolidating the captured ground.

JUPP, Lieut. John Morton Scott ... ... ... ... 10/Manchester
BRIASTRE, 20th October, 1918. For marked gallantry and determined leadership. He was in command of a company, and under heavy machine-gun fire, dashed forward with a few men, shooting several of the enemy with his rifle and capturing the guns. Later, finding that the company on his flank had not reached its objective, he led a platoon and attacked the enemy on his flank.

JULL, 2/Lt. Robert Charles ... ... ... ... ... R.G.A.
Awarded 1st January, 1918.

JUNGIUS, Lieut. Ernest James Theodore ... ... ... 1/Bedford (M.G.C.)
Awarded 3rd June, 1918.