London & World War One gallantry and casualties

London University - Officers Training Corps.

A brilliant online resource is available which lists in great detail the Officers Training Corps of the London University. This detail includes the many citations from the London Gazette. This is useful, as it confirms an award, but the London Gazette was several months later than an action, and this extension became greater as we neared the end of the Great War. The lists also note specific persons mentioned in dispatches, these are clearly much closer to the date concerned, and are highly likely to have led to a specific gallantry award. The listings also include foreign awards, and an index of the cadets - and their service records as at 1921.

In fact there is much more than just this, although the detail needs to be searched for throughout the book; or much if not all detail will be provided on this site as I add it. Here are an A-Z listing of the Former Cadets :

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This Roll of War Service records the names and other particulars of officers and former officers and former cadets of the University of London Officers Training Corps who rendered commissioned service in the War between the dates 5th August 1914 and 11th November 1918 (Armistice).
The rank stated is the highest permanent, temporary, or acting rank attained, acting rank and in special cases temporary rank held for less than six months being given in brackets.
Active service overseas or at sea and special combatant service at home is recorded, so far as known, to the date of latest information but not later than January, 1920. When it is known that service was restricted to home service, this fact is stated. In the case of officers and former officers of the Contingent, service with the Contingent is fully recorded. An F. signifies France and/or Flanders and/or, if applicable, advance to the Rhine and Army of Occupation.